NFAA Official Indoor Targets

As of July 1, 1999, Maple Leaf Press is the exclusive NFAA Official manufacturer of target faces. Each target has the 5 Star and NFAA logo. Any NFAA tournament must use Official targets and Maple Leaf Press offers one sided Single and Five Spot Targets along with a Dual (Single over Five Spot) target. All NFAA Indoor "Blue" Faces are offered in two stocks, 9pt NFAA Tournament Preferred Card Stock and 7pt Stock. Both stocks are non glare printed in dark blue ink.

40 cm Single Blue Target

Size: 17” x 17”

NFI-1P - 7pt Stock

NFI-1T - 9pt Cover Stock

16 cm 5-Spot Blue Target

Size: 17” x 17”

NFI-2P - 7pt Stock

NFI-2T - 9pt Cover Stock

Dual Face 1 + 5-Spot Blue Target

Size: 17” x 17”

NFI-4P - 7pt Stock

NFI-4T - 9pt Cover Stock

5-Spot Vertical Blue Target

Size: 7.5” x 35”

NFI-5P - 7pt Stock

NFI-5T - Cover Stock



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