Game and Novelty Targets

Maple Leaf Game/Novelty Targets combine the game target and FITA/NFAA scoring.  Use these targets as a change of pace or to sharpen your skills.

Tic-Tac-Toe Targets

Combining a simple game of three in a row and FITA/NFAA scoring rings allow you to play a game or test your abilities.  Available in two sizes,


Size: 10.75” x 17”

7pt Stock


Size: 17” x 17”

7pt Stock

Dart 40

40 cm - Size: 18.75” x 18.75” - 7pt Stock


Hitting the bullseye or scoring a 10 (X) are all possible on this versatile target.  Complete Dart Target has bullseye to outer band with full 40 cm FITA and NFAA scoring.

Bow Poker

Size: 27” x 25” - 7pt Stock


You can play any card game from highest card to the most complex game on this target. Bow Poker features 52 cards and 2 jokers, all with FITA/NFAA scoring circles.

RA Line of B&W Animal Targets

These targets combine an animal target and FITA/NFAA scoring.  The inner 10 (X) is placed at the center of the vital area.  These Animal Targets have skin lines with NFAA/FITA rings.  FITA scoring is shown vertically and NFAA scoring horizontally.  Five Single-Spot Animal Targets and one 5-Spot Animal Target are available.

RA01 - B&W Coyote

Size: 17” x 17” - 7pt Stock

RA02 - B&W Raccoon

Size: 17” x 17” - 7pt Stock

RA03 - B&W Javalina

Size: 17” x 17” - 7pt Stock

RA04 - B&W Fox

Size: 17” x 17” - 7pt Stock

RA05 - B&W Goose

Size: 17” x 17” - 7pt Stock

RA06 - B&W 5-Spot Animal

Size: 17” x 17” - 7pt Stock

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